Our Services


We can take a script, or outline, and footage and help build your story. Or, we can work with themes and topics and raw footage and help you create a story. Need a fresh perspective on a project? Need cutdowns or trailers for a finished project? Need advice on “shooting for the edit”?

We can help you.

We can work with you at any point during your project. If we start early in the process, we can help define workflows and make sure things progress smoothly. We can also manage the entire post-production process.

Besides editing, color correction & grading, audio editing & repair, we do motion graphics, title design, and basic VFX. If you need more elaborate work done, we can reach out to our network of creative artists.

Types of projects (not limited to):

  • Promotional: ads, web & broadcast spots, brand-corporate, trailers, pitches, fundraisers
  • General Entertainment: narrative features and shorts, music videos, episodic
  • Documentary: scripted or unscripted features and shorts, including theatrical, broadcast, streaming, VOD
  • Educational: training, how-to, instructional lessons, webinars, informational


Our many years of experience, especially with unscripted documentary projects, has honed our writing and storytelling skills. We’ve learned a lot about best practices and effective workflows. We’ve made lots of mistakes along with way and you’ll benefit from lessons learned, along with the knowledge and wisdom we’ve gained.

If you have questions about metadata, handling interlaced footage, up-res-ing media, transcoding, or other technical issues, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you tell your story effectively, suggest good workflows, and provide software training and support.


We can help you learn about your target audience. We can help you better understand your audience. We can help you determine effective strategies for reaching the biggest audience possible.